So, so tired. Far too tired for blogging. Got an enormous amount of sorting, packing, and cleaning done today–or rather, an enormous amount was accomplished by my mom, and I tried to keep up.

My mom is amazing–she packs, cleans, gives me money, buys us dinner, tells me how great I am, admires my cats, and brushes off my endless apologies when I snap, yell, or snarl at her.

Why, why, why can I not stop with the snapping, yelling, and snarling at my amazing mother?

I’ve gotten much better; at least now I snap and immediately apologize, or bite my tongue when I’m ready to yell or snarl. But how can my wonderful mom make me so edgy that I have to take a Klonopin just to try to keep from being mean to her for absolutely no good reason?

I know. Because she’s my mom, and no one else can possibly make me as conflicted and crazy.