Admittedly, my Saturday nights lately are not quite what they used to be.

  • I have now firmly made the connection that overindulging on alcohol = hangover the next day = low-grade, lengthy panic attack sometime during the hangover. No fun. Today I took a pre-emptive Klonopin (actually just 1/4 of a Klonopin, but those little things are really heaven-sent) before things got really sketchy. Am I just convinced that hangover = panic attack now, and is it all in my head? Very likely. I’m drunk much less often now than, really, at any other point in my life, so I imagine I’ll just keep dealing with it.
  • GB built a fabulous bedframe today. He gets inspired sometimes and gets all crafty with the tools…we were saying we’d need more storage space at the new apartment, so he built a bedframe that’s about 2 feet off the ground. Great for storage, and just a little more fun than a regularly sized bed (or so the cats seem to think). Cutest moment of the day: GB, stretched out on the new bed, blurting, all proud of himself: “I built a bed!”
  • Downside of GB building the awesome bed: I spent the better part of the anxiety attack in Home Depot, waiting for the lumber to be cut by a man who clearly despised his job.
  • We had a little impromptu barbecue–just me, GB, and Jason. I was sitting on the back steps, shucking corn, drinking a beer, and watching GB fire up the grill, and I thought, damn, this is a perfect summer moment right here.
  • My mom gets in tomorrow, and is staying until Friday. She’s coming up to help us pack–yes, my mom is better than I deserve. Mom’s best friend died very suddenly about three days ago. I’m glad she’s coming up here now so that she can get out of her town for a bit; I’m hoping that we can keep her busy, and distract her a little from her grief. It breaks my heart to hear her sounding so sad on the phone. GB and I were at the grocery store earlier, and we both–independently of one another–bought chocolate (I picked up brownies, he picked up cookies) for my mom.
  • The boys are watching Which Way is Up? Are they enjoying it more than I am because
    • a) they’re high;
    • b) they’re boys;
    • c) they have lower standards for comedy;
    • d) I’m crabby and have no sense of humor?
      • Update: They couldn’t take it either! They just turned the movie off, and we’re watching Saturday Night Fever now. Better, I think…
  • Speaking of those cookies that GB bought: Keebler Fudge Shoppe Mint Creme Filled cookies are disturbingly good. I mean, they’re really, really freaking good. They’re like Girl Scout Thin Mints but…light. Airy. Amazingly delicious. I don’t expect this package of cookies to make it to midnight.