I will sorely miss the bumper pool when we move, since it doesn’t seem that we’ll have room for it. Jason has agreed to take it, at least for the month of August, under the condition that we promise to come play it at his house. Which is fine, but I’m already missing the bumper pool basement.

You can probably surmise, from this, that the Squirrel and Bad Idea did eventually make their way over, and there was much tequila consumption (a full bottle of Sauza was downed, easily), much bumper pool, and altogether too much Meatloaf, Billy Squier, and Hall & Oates in the basement. And I’m happy to report that, after weeks of not seeing much of anyone, I apparently am still remotely attractive, because Bad Idea spends way too much time leaning up against me.
(I really do want to write something here, and have y’all give your opinions, about the whole body language issue. Because I know that Bad Idea is the type of person who’s just very physical with friends, but I just don’t think I’m wrong in thinking that the constant leaning, pressing, and hanging on me means something more than friendly affection. But this is what’s made the Bad Idea issue such an issue the whole time–I really do think there’s a lot more going on, but I can’t prove it, and it makes me crazy. But now might not be the time for this whole long discussion.)

So. I spent a bunch of the night taking photos in the basement, trying to document the bumper pool basement before it’s gone. Here’s one I like, of all four of the boys tonight:

That’s the Squirrel in the front left; Jason behind him; GB in the back, on the right, facing the camera; and Bad Idea talking to GB with his back to the camera on the right. (Hmmm…Canada, does this count as a back-of-Bad-Idea picture?)

Here’s another that I like from tonight, of the Squirrel pouring shots:

And here’s one of Bad Idea getting altogether too close:

[Deleted, because when I posted it, drunk, I didn’t realize you could actually see his face. Quel drunkblog faux pas.]

Someone needs to have a talk with me about this, since apparently I just don’t understand…um…anything. But I know that bumper pool, tequila, and 80s rock are a great combination. Posted by Picasa