• We got the apartment! The lease is currently winging its way to our first cosigner. Yippee!
  • Now comes the packing, the recruiting of labor, and the actual moving. Oh joy.
  • One of the cats–the Great Hunter–just caught sight of the talking gecko on the Geico commercial and leapt up, raced to the TV, and stared until the gecko was long gone. Thanks to the magic of the DVR, I was able to rewind and replay it for her three times. Too funny. I’ve never seen any of the cats pay any attention to the TV, despite the fact that the screen is larger than either of the humans in the house.
  • There might be bumper pool tonight. It’s been way too long. I’m hoping it comes together.
  • I got all crazy-inspired and made a peach-blueberry cobbler. I have no idea where that motivation came from, but it’s good. You should come over for cobbler and tequila.