Today was better than yesterday (though as Lucy pointed out, it almost had to be). I was actually a little productive. Well, I did some stuff, anyway, which is not quite the same but is something.

  • Things I actually “did”: cleaned out all the road trip debris from the car; bought packing tape and markers; packed four boxes; weeded out *another* garbage bag full of clothes that no longer fit to give away; set up a few more times to look at apartments; laundry; caught up with the Squirrel on the phone (after more than 2 weeks of not hearing from him) and discussed plans for a show we’re going to this weekend; showered; washed dishes; read too many blogs.
  • Things I didn’t do: anything dissertation-related.
  • I forget, often, how good The X Files was back in the early seasons. I got so annoyed by all the alien/conspiracy/metastory stuff in the last few seasons that I stopped watching it (around the time the new agents, Doggett and What’s-her-name, showed up), but damn, those older ones, where they’re actually dealing with monsters and liver-eaters and even mutant hillbillies…good stuff.
  • I’m drinking a glass of pinot noir with a bunch of fruit in it (aka the poor person’s sangria) and it’s going down way too smooth. I’ve discovered that blueberries are the only fruit (in this glass, anyway) that doesn’t float. Interesting. Or is it?
  • I learned that my summer research grant will finally be available to me, tomorrow (I’ve been waiting for it since May). This is exciting news. I wish I could say that it was exciting because now I can go do the long-distance part of my fieldwork, but it’s actually only exciting because I will be able to make the car payment and put down a deposit on an apartment.
  • How–everyday–can I be so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open at 4 pm, and wide awake (and bored) at 1 am? Damn biorhythms.
  • Is fruit really good for you? Or is that one of those things everyone believes, but for no good reason? Part two of this question: is it, ultimately, a bad thing that I seem hell-bent on eating my weight in fruit?