Not you. Dinner.

I never foodblog because I don’t cook, and GB doesn’t cook, so we live almost entirely on delivery food, frozen pizzas, and Morningstar stuff.* A couple weeks ago, though, some kind of quest for “nutrition” kicked in, and I started craving fruit. So I’ve been buying huge quantities of fruit, chopping it up, and putting it in a giant bowl–the big green bowl–in the fridge. After the first few days of this, I had the brilliant idea to throw some vanilla yogurt in there. Yum-o-rama.

I didn’t eat much fruit over the past week while I was Back Home–my hometown has plenty of food I love, and we got some great food at the two 4th parties, but none of it was especially…uh…healthy.**

So I couldn’t wait, today, to hit the store and buy mountains of fruit: strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, mango, white peaches. And I just had the most amazing bowl of fruit, yogurt, and Grapenuts. So. Freaking. Good.

Summer rocks.

*Snarky comments about our nutritional deficiencies aren’t helpful, unless you’re offering to come over and cook for us.
**With the notable exception of the incredibly awesome dinner that YLH (crse‘s amazing husband) cooked us on our last night there: chicken lasagna, salad, garlic bread. Yuuu-uu-um. GB said on the way home that the “family dinner” on the last night was one of his favorite parts of the visit. Sitting down and eating with other people is a pretty novel thing for us…but see above.