I feel kind of behind on the photo requests, so I’m going to do a multi-request post here.

First, for Jesse: it’s not necessarily my finest bottle opener, but it’s definitely the silliest.

Next, for wolfa, a door. Not just any door, but the front door of my house. (The “T” in the metal scrollwork there is the last name of some previous owners…there’s a last name that begins with T on a small metal plate next to the door there.)

Moving right along, sb asked for a picture of something I carry every day. The only two things I carry every day, without fail, are my wallet and my keys. A picture of the outside of my wallet is boring, and a picture of the inside of my wallet is a bad idea, so here are my keys. Note geeky inclusion of mini Cross pen.

Last up, for now: not one, but *two* requests for a picture of the record collection (this doesn’t include records in the basement, but I think there’s only about 20 or so down there). For this, I offer two photos and a cautionary tale about obsession. This first one is, mostly, “my” record collection; while I probably have about 50 more records in various places (mixed in with GB’s, in storage, etc), this is the set I work from most often:

This, on the other hand, is GB’s record collection:

So there you have it. Still to come:

  • rooftop/rock & roll;
  • my favorite house place;
  • Bad Idea from the back;
  • my worst haircut/style;
  • a picture of me and the Turnip (next week when I’m back home)

Anyone who hasn’t had a request, speak up! As others have said, this is a great time for lurkers to de-lurk…