New Kid asked about my favorite place in my house. My favorite place has varied in the time we’ve lived here, but lately it’s here:

We’ve had a spot like this in almost every place we’ve lived. This is where GB and I have our coffee in the mornings.

Comebacknikki asked about the worst hairstyle I’ve ever had. This is kind of a tough one, since I’ve only had three hairstyles in the past 20 years: the long curly thing, the dreadlocks, and now the growing-out-what-to-do look. Actually, come to think of it, what I’ve got right now might be the worst style, in some ways, but since that’s a depressing prospect, I’ve decided to go back in time a little to present you with this illustration of why it’s just cruel to brush out your child’s naturally curly hair:

I cannot believe I shared that picture with you. That might have to go away soon. Moving right along….Billie asked about my fanciest dishes. We don’t have fancy dishes, so I offer instead our everyday dishes, but fanciest glassware:

What else…OK. Skycat asked for a picture of her rooftop and something rock & roll. I realized that I could combine the two and show you this:

That’s skycat cutting off my dreads–on her rooftop–last summer. How rock & roll is that?