I have to go meet the Wrangler and Bad Idea at the bar in a minute (keep your fingers crossed that I have an interesting night. “Interesting” is about all I’m striving for right now), but I had to go ahead and do this: it’s my 500th post! Whooohoo!

Is it actually possible that I’ve had 500 things to tell you? Amazing.

I’m also going to make a little list–just so I can find it again–of pending photo requests from the Totally Self-Absorbed Meme. I hope to get these done tomorrow, but if not I might have to wait until I get back from our trip…

So–photos I need to do:

  • skycat’s rooftop (skycat: a photo I have now? Or a photo I’ll take in August?) and “something rock-n-roll (t-shirt preferred over album cover).”
  • my finest bottle opener, for jesse
  • my favorite place in my house, for New Kid
  • a door (front, back, bedroom, closet, etc) for wolfa

Have I mentioned how much I love this meme? (Any other requests?)