I’m back from super-secret fieldwork weekend. Exhausted–I came home, ate dinner that GB was awesome enough to cook *and* bring to me on the living room couch, and promply fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours. I’m awake now, and after Deadwood I am totally, totally going to write up all my scribbled fieldnotes into some sort of coherent form. I am. I am totally not going to tell myself it’s okay to do them tomorrow.

Not all of them, at least.

I really, really hate writing up fieldnotes.

The weekend was okay, I think. I honestly don’t know if it went all right, or if I got as much useful data as I hoped, or if they’ll ever invite me to do anything with them again. No reason–I’m just convinced I’m a gigantic dork. Same way I always feel when I come back from a field site. It’s probably just the exhaustion and stress, and nothing “real”….

Okay. Babbling. More later. How was everyone else’s weekend?