In retrospect, I really don’t think that last post even qualifies as a true rant. There are so many other things I feel more ranty about, and I’m sorry for using up a rant on something I’m really not that upset about.

I’ve spent the afternoon trying to get ready for my super-secret fieldwork event this weekend. I think I’m pretty much ready…the car is packed, so all I have to do in the morning (when I wake up bleary and–hopefully–not too hungover after drinking with IB/DM tonight) is grab the Gatorade and water bottles from the fridge, grab my toothbrush from the bathroom, and hit the road.

Yes, I will almost certainly forget my toothbrush. I realized that this was a near-certainty when I put my bag in the car and thought, I’ll pick up the toothbrush later.

I do wish I could tell you where I’m going, and why, because a) like I said, it’s pretty cool, and b) you could help ease my usual pre-fieldwork anxieties (which are only huger now that I’m doing an overnight with this group, which is, well, kind of like “real” fieldwork. Neat.). But you’ll just have to imagine where I’m hanging out with the Lesbian Midget Left-Handed Eskimo Albinos, or the right handed, Irish, Female, skin divers, or the transsexual vampires.