(in which I try to maintain my pseudonymity, though I wonder if my school is the only one lame enough to work like this)

OK, granted, it’s my fault that I don’t have a grant for next year. I missed some deadlines, and then I psyched myself out about the one grant I could probably have gotten easily, and as a result–no free money for me next year. Which is all right, really, since I was expecting to live off a little teaching (Teaching Flunky work, of course, nothing too exciting) and another Giant Loan.

Only problem with this plan is that, as of next year, I no longer have “priority” for Teaching Flunky appointments. What that means, in essence, is that even if professors want me to work with them, I’m at the very bottom of the list of potential candidates, and I can only be hired if enrollments are so high that all the priority candidates already have jobs.

Really–what are the odds that, out of the maybe five classes I’m qualified to teach in, one (or, hopefully, two) of them will have a) giant enrollments, b) no interest from priority candidates, and c) professors who are willing to take a chance and hire That Girl Who Does the Freaky Research?

So, okay though, that’s the deal for next year. Fine. So I say to myself, well, maybe I should see what courses are offered for next fall that I could work with. It’s only June, right? Now would be a good time to start working on this.

Yeah, except for how apparently these sorts of things are supposed to be taken care of by MAY. May! They don’t even publish the list of courses until the end of June!

So…is it super lame to send out a barrage of emails now, to professors in neighboring departments, introducing myself and asking if they’ll keep poor old priority-less me in mind? Oh, and, does anyone else think that maybe my advisor could spend just a minute or two helping me out with this crap, instead of putting so much energy into bailing on me?


Thanks for listening. Is it time to start drinking yet?