Thursday nights are really not what they used to be. The Squirrel (with the SoapStar), Jason, and Bad Idea had all planned on coming over for bumper pool tonight–since the Squirrel claims that Thursdays at his house have “lost their coolness.” (He might have thought of the repercussions before hooking up with the coolness-squashing SoapStar, but whatever…)

But then Bad Idea called and said he was tired and staying home, and then Jason called, waffling, and then the Squirrel called to prounounce Thursdays officially dead. (Me: I think you killed them. The Squirrel: Dude, Jason said the same thing.)

It’s probably just as well, really. At least I won’t be falling down the basement stairs tonight. And I’m meeting IB (aka DM) tomorrow night for a few drinks, and I’ll probably have a couple with Bad Idea too, so taking it easy tonight seems like a good thing.

Oh, crap….am *I* the old one?