(…and, as MaggieMay says, anyone else who needs it.)

I love, love, love a good mix. Used to be all about the mix tapes–and I still think that there’s something about the way a tape works–the way you can do different moods for side 1 and side 2–that you can’t replicate with a CD. But I’m working with the tools I have, here. So here, with my usual mix CD anxiety–will you like it? Will you put it on a shelf and ignore it forever?–is the Dangerous Mood 2006 mix. With relevant lyrics, because I’m procrastinating, bored, and that much of a dork.

1. “Pull,” Richard Buckner
Because, like I said, I can’t do a Dangerous Mood mix without this song.

“He said I’ll pull you down, she said Yeah, I know you will…”

Buckner is responsible for most of my dangerous moods. Musically. In person. Pretty much all around.

2. “Come Pick Me Up,” Ryan Adams
Any dangerous moods that aren’t directly attributable to Buckner are probably attributable to Ryan Adams. Yes, there are three Ryan Adams songs on this mix. I would normally never do this–I have very strict rules about what’s acceptable on mixes (is it any surprise I loved this movie?). I mean, seriously:

“…I wish you would
Come pick me up, take me out,
fuck me up, steal my records,
screw all my friends, they’re all full of shit
with a smile on your face
and then do it again…”

If this song doesn’t make you want to go out and make bad decisions, you might be dead.

3. “Let It Loose,” the Rolling Stones

I don’t have to explain this song, right? I mean, there has to be some Stones on here, and this one seems just about perfect. The Stones are responsible for teaching me what a Dangerous Mood even meant. And the very first after-hours that we had here on the east coast, with Bad Idea and IB and the Wrangler and everyone, all started because we were drunk and we just needed to listen to the Stones. Plus, they make me think of sitting on Skycat and the Yogini’s deck, drunk and happy, and you just can’t beat that.

“In the bar you’re getting drunk,
Ain’t in love, ain’t in luck…”

4. “Pumpkin Seeds,” Devendra Banhart

You know the weird thing about Devendra Banhart? I mean, besides the fact that he’s like some weird-ass cross between Cat Stevens (in his pre-Yusef Islam days) and Jim Morrison (when he was actually hot). A little bit of Devendra goes a long way…so he works really well on mixes.

“There’s a lot of love,
but not the kind I need.
Y’ever made a soup out of pumpkin seeds
There’s a lot of skin and flesh I never should have seen
There’s too many half ways in betweens…”

5. “Solid Gold Easy Action,” T. Rex

“I can’t get no satisfaction,
all I want is easy action…”

That’s just rock & roll.

6. “Bad Time to be in Love,” the Jayhawks

The Jayhawks covering Grand Funk Railroad. I can’t even think of anything cooler.

“Let her be somebody else’s queen, I don’t wanna hear about it
there’s too many others who know what I mean, and that’s why I gotta live without it…”

7. “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window,” Bob Dylan

Because this song, since I was 19 (geez, selling my coolness short) 15 years old, is about summer, and drinking, and doing things you might regret, happily, later.

“Hey, please crawl out your window,
use your arms and your legs, it won’t ruin you.
How can you say he will haunt you?
You can go back to him anytime you want to.”

8. “The Bar Is a Beautiful Place,” Ryan Adams

Is it any wonder that I put this on my mix for Bad Idea, way back when? Is it any wonder that he (still) sings it every time we drink together?

“…despite anything I might have said before
the bar is a beautiful place…”

9. “Barstool Blues,” Neil Young
Neil Young was That Guy before all Those Guys were born.

“If I could hold on to just one thought
for long enough to know…”

10. “Helpless,” Sugar
Wasn’t sure if this would work, but I remember driving around my hometown–15 years ago–listening to this song and looking for trouble. So I think it works all right.

“Time after time, what’s on your mind,
you make me feel so helpless…”

11. “What Else Is New,” Dinosaur Jr.
Yes, OK, Dinosaur Jr is usually what happens after the Dangerous Mood doesn’t work out and you’re drinking alone at the end of the night. But this one’s got a little twinge of the hopeful in it.

“I’d like to see you, don’t you miss it?…
you got things to do…so what else is new?”

12. “Because the Night,” Patti Smith
See, this is another one I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain. Just try to forget about the Springsteen connections. Patti Smith owns this song.

“desire is hunger is the fire I breathe…”

13. “Hot Burrito No. 2,” Flying Burrito Brothers

Aw, c’mon. This song makes you smile, too. How can it not? “You loved me, and you sold all my clothes”? This is the song about trying to make up your Dangerous Mood to your Significant Other.

14. “Roadrunner,” Jonathan Richman
See, again, it just kind of speaks for itself:

“I’m in love with rock and roll, and I’ll be out all night.”

15. “Gett Off,” Prince
Oh, I am not *even* going to tell you why this goes here. This would be what makes this Not Safe For Work…but you’re not doing anything useful at work, anyway, if you’re in this mood.

16. “Fumblin’ With the Blues,” Tom Waits
You knew Tom Waits would be on here. It could have been anything, really…this was kind of a random choice. Almost any Tom Waits works for this.

“I’m a pool shooting shimmy shyster shaking my head
when I should be living clean instead…”

17. “A Kiss Before I Go,” Ryan Adams
See, like I said, there’s a reason there’s three freaking Ryan Adams songs on here…”Breath all heavy and slow…”

18. “Untouchable Face,” Ani Difranco

Eh, Prince already made it NSFW, so why not, right? Because isn’t this what we’re thinking, really, when we’re drinking with our Bad Ideas?

19. “Lucky Buzz,” Richard Buckner

Because it’s so my song, in so many ways.

“This wicked old line? @ 32:
holding out blind, and barely true
I see my kind (slow me down)
can I keep this buzz around?
She waved me in, you see confessions had been found
So I came a little closer, as the night roared down.
I sent off a letter with the stinger still inside
(I should have skipped that bluff
I knew I’d had too much.)
Curl on up, and flip out the light
perfect strongholds lie awake at night.
I took a turned and a scattered look
no nests and a long flight to scare the stars away.
She said “Storms like these
Ones like us
Never live alone, never get enough.
So many like us just burn and run.
But we’re the lucky ones,
yeah, but we’re the lucky ones!”
A busy line is a long night saved
a loaded lil call, dark and late
As Congress falls, with Ego’s down,
can I keep this buzz around?
Yeah can I keep?”

*Because she a) coined the phrase; b) gave me credit for the idea; and c) made such an awesome mix. But, like MaggieMay’s, this mix is for The People.