ETA: Just for the record, I had no idea I was this grumpy and whiny before writing this. I thought I was doing fine…but this undercurrent of whininess does explain a lot.

Because I feel like talking to you a little before I go to bed, and besides, I have to finish this drink…

  • The rest of the bruises from the stair spillage of Thursday night have emerged, and I now have some lovely colors on my leg, hip, and back to match the lovely colors on my arm. I’m much less sore, though, and I can actually sleep on my left side again.
  • Now I’m all freaked out by the basement stairs, though.
  • I can’t believe how bad I smell. Yes, it’s been hot and humid the past couple days, but I’ve been showering and spending most of my time in an air-conditioned room, so there’s no good reason for me to smell so bad that even I’m offended. I think it’s stress, and not the heat, that’s making my skin freak out. But eww….you should be glad you can’t smell me from there. You can’t, right?
  • The Wrangler and I, apparently, are not friends anymore. This makes me sad, and also quite annoyed, since he’s just being a bitch. Whatever. I don’t even want to talk about it.
  • A few things have happened that I haven’t felt right blogging about, but that have kind of fucked me up lately: Blanche’s mom died and we all went to the visiting hours this evening; I’ve had conversations with my parents that make me worry about my dad’s health; and a very close friend has been in the hospital in another state for too long with no solid answers about what’s wrong. It’s probably no wonder that I don’t smell right lately.
  • I worry that I’m becoming a horribly judgmental person. I can’t say why, exactly, but I’m concerned that I’m developing a pattern with this. I need to nip that in the bud. I’m okay with cynical, but not so much with bitter and judgmental.
  • I transcribed hours of interviews and other audio files this evening–ones that have been sitting around the computer for months (many months), nagging at me. I feel pretty good about getting them all transcribed/recorded (to varying degrees), but I am fried.
  • We do not, in fact, have the apartment for August that we thought we had, and that we put a deposit down on. Again, long story, and probably for the best in the long run–but a little annoying in the short run.

Do I have anything to tell you that isn’t just whining? Um, air conditioning makes me happy. So does venting on the blog, apparently. I’ll try to find something fascinating and uplifting to tell you tomorrow…(though why start now, right?)