I got turned down by Bad Idea last night.

In a freaking dream.

Things were going really well, and I was actually a little surprised by how easy the whole flirtation/seduction thing was going. And then I went off to another room to find a condom–because, yes, I am exactly the same person in my dreams as I am in real life–and when I got back (with one, of course; because also, I’m a Virgo, and so even in my dreams I know just where I keep things) he was all, Maybe this isn’t a good idea, maybe I should go home now.

Although he was wearing a cowboy hat and a red silk shirt, so maybe it was for the best.

Other than the outfit, though, it went exactly like it would go–like it generally goes–in real life. Even my subconscious knows that working on Bad Idea is a futile endeavor.