I was going to post something whiny, about all the reasons I’m cranky and irritable and cannot answer the phone without snapping at the poor galoot who dared to call me, even if that galoot happens to be my mother.

I think, though, that I have to just find a way to shake this mood. For good.

So. The mood is a combination of: dissertation crap (including fieldwork issues); GB’s general grumpiness in the face of my crabbiness lately; being ridiculously broke; needing to find a new apartment; trying to figure out travel plans to four+ places this summer; and the dozens of other little crabbinesses that don’t even warrant mentioning.

And all I want to do is be out of this mood, and in a somewhat more neutral–if not better–mood.

Suggestions on how I can accomplish that quickly? And more importantly: do you think the answer has anything to do with this?:

What's nu-clear, woah-oh-woah-oh-WOAH-oh
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