Because apparently the grant I got for summer research is so totally not going to be enough to live on between July 1st and the middle of October, and it’s starting to cause problems.*

Seriously…any ideas on how I can make enough money to live for the summer, while still having enough time to put a serious dent in the fieldwork and research? My only experience in the service industries was a brief bartending stint at a seriously divey bar 10 years ago, so jobs that involve me having to work closely with the public are probably bad ideas (like I have to tell you that). Any other suggestions?

*GB is a rockstar, and I like to say nice things about him, so I am totally not going to tell you that I just got accused of not having a job for the summer. (Me: I have a job! GB: What? The dissertation? Me: Well, that’s what that tiny summer grant is supposed to be paying me for….GB is very grumpy today, and has apologized a number of times–for that and for other crankiness–but duuuuude. Don’t tell me I don’t have a job.)