I’ve been hanging out and drinking a lot in the past few days…should have figured I’d crash soon. I wasn’t feeling especially like going out tonight anyway, so it’s probably not so surprising that the show we went to wasn’t so great, and the Squirrel wanted to leave early too, and we all ended up leaving and planning to come back to the house and hang out with the rest of the usual suspects…and one by one we lost the rest of the group.

Is it the weather that’s making everyone think that going home and sleeping and sleeping some more is a better idea than hanging out and drinking and playing bumper pool? Because I’m not sure if the weather is the culprit, but sleeping sounds like a way better idea to me.

Anyway. Now it’s just me, GB, and Duck Wild (aka the ex-roommate who’s not Coughing Guy), and I’m thinking it’s just going to be them in a few minutes.

Gotta be the weather. Right? Because I cannot be this old already.