The Squirrel and Jason showed up over here a little while ago, had a beer, and left. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that abrupt…but there does seem to be a bad mood going around.

They were all, like, you’re meeting Bad Idea at the bar? Really? Why are you doing that? Huh. That’s weird.

Why is that weird? Because no one else is going out, and so it kind of looks like we’re hanging out at the bar, you know, together? Because that is totally not the deal. In fact, I’m anticipating getting to the bar, having no one I know there, and having a beer and coming home.

Or maybe not. We’ll see. Here’s a meme, while I figure out when I want to leave:

5 Items in my Fridge:
1. Oranges that really, really need to be put to rest
2. three beers
3. about 15 bottles of salad dressing
4. a tupperware thing of chick peas, for salads
5. a bunch of diet Coke. Just for mixing with the Jack Daniels, not for really drinking.

5 Items in my Closet:

1. precarious piles of clothing
2. a bookcase to hold the precarious piles, since I don’t have a dresser
3. six black messenger bags, all very similar but different in ways only I know, stuffed into the top shelf
4. more & more clothes that don’t fit
5. moths, I think

5 Items in my Car:

1. local street map–the spiral-bound book kind
2. lots & lots of CDs
3. One of the Lexan camping cups that got loose on the trip back last weekend
4. many, many CDs
5. a lake

5 Items in my Purse: (Don’t carry one. How about in my pockets?)

1. a wallet
2. cash & some change
3. a pen
4. 2 ponytail holders, for pigtails when my hair drives me crazy later
5. car key & house key

My addition: 5 things in my head:
1. Am I an idiot for going out just to meet Bad Idea?
2. I should totally take public transportation, since I’m only fooling myself if I think I’ll stay sober enough to drive.
3. I have to remember to tell you all about the latest email from my advisor…it’s not looking good.
4. Actually, maybe I should just drive. That way I can get home easily when the night goes, inevitably, horribly wrong.
5. Yep. I’ll leave the car there if I need to. I am so going to be glad to have that option.

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