I had a bunch of bullets (the blog kind–my mood isn’t that bad), and a bunch of good reasons.

Now I only have one good reason: I hit something random on the keyboard and my post is gone.

That was a lot of typing. Now I’m even grumpier. I am so not going to recreate that whole post, but maybe I can redo it in super-abbreviated form:

  • It rained in my car. It was the Wrangler’s fault. GB drained Lake Corolla, and is, once again, my hero.
  • People annoy me.
  • GB doesn’t annoy me. Neither do the cats. I might stop leaving my house altogether.
  • You should watch Trees Lounge, because who doesn’t love Steve Buscemi? And also because it reminds me of the bar where GB and I met. And also because it reminds me of this song (which is how I lost the first post):
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…except, you know, with Steve Buscemi instead of Ryan Adams. Which is, come to think of it, not a bad trade.