So this morning I got up and looked out the window and there it was, sitting on the porch, looking contrite, tanned, and maybe still a little drunk. My motivation. Welcome home, little guy.

I actually did a bunch of organizational-type work late last night. Went to bed at 3 am, got up at 10. In the last 6 hours this is what I’ve done (not in order, obviously):

  • Emailed two (2!) professors (one that I know, one I’ve never met) about possible employment for next fall
  • spent about an hour looking for other classes I could work with in the fall…having no fall job prospect is a little stressful.
  • Figured out a preliminary work schedule for summer
  • Emailed a new contact about possible fieldwork with their group (which would make my life, and my summer, SO much easier, as they’re much closer than many of the other groups)
  • Ate breakfast: a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. But regular size, not bite-size, so I had to cut them up.
  • Ate lunch: an awesome, healthy multi-colored salad
  • Started writing up some overdue fieldnotes
  • Expanded on my chapter outlines a bit
  • Made a bunch of necessary tweaks and adjustments to my bibliography in Endnote
  • Took notes on the helpful chapter in the Advisor’s last book
  • found a user script to do Technorati tags on Blogger
  • Did the arm & ab workouts on the On Demand exercise channel
  • Made baghali polo for dinner tonight (I make it without the meat. And without the onions. And without the saffron.) —-ah, crap…make that burned the baghali polo because I was trying to tell you about it instead of paying attention to when to turn the heat down. And because I decided to try to make it in the new pot. Why would I do that? I’ve used the same pot to make rice for the past 15 years. Stupid new pot. Now my house smells like burnt rice (does anyone know how to get rid of that smell?). I think it’s salvageable, though… [ETA: it’s true! Putting a slice of bread in the pot of rice, covering it, and letting it sit for 1/2 an hour really does take the burned taste out of the rest of the rice! Whoohoo!]

AND read blogs, and did my crossword, and fucked around a bit online. And I think there might even be more that I’m forgetting….

I’m thinking that my thyroid medicine might finally be nearing the right dose. Having a little energy is awesome.

I’ve totally earned a nap, though, right?