This song is an integral part of my “dangerous mood” personal soundtrack. It came on the other day in the car and got me thinking about those itchy, antsy, right-on-the-edge feelings, wandering around the city on hot summer nights with a bottle of tequila in my backpack. Made me want to share it with you. If you lived near me, I’d wait until we’d been drinking for hours and then I’d open up a couple more beers and bring the CD player out on the porch with us and play this song for you.

Pull (by Richard Buckner)

He said, “I’ll pull you down”
She said “Yeah, I know you will.
But I’ve been through worse detours + ambulance traps.”
+ as he moves his blind side to the back, she says yeah
you’re not going anywhere tonight.
So another lil shover just moved along again.
She’d said she still had trouble left in her
and wasn’t about to give in
“Signing nothing over at the blink of an eye”
And here in the house of spirits there’s a ghost with a drink.
And he’s gone through every opening
but the breaths just aren’t as deep or wild,
and less than there’s ever really been in quite a lonely while.
Countdown to a new town
honey let’s pull on out tonight.
Your braided hair’s been pulling us into our lives.
Of course I’ll show.
Of course I’ll fire.
And I’ll pull