Terminaldegree, BrightStar, and Lucy have come up with a fun idea for tonight: a blogger IM party on Yahoo messenger! Tonight (Sunday), 9:30 – 11:00 pm EST. B* has more details. I think I’ll be there;* my Yahoo IM name is lucky.buzz, so if you can’t make it tonight (or if I can’t) IM me sometime…..

So I’ll see you there! I’ll pour the first round of tequila shots.

*Right now I kind of feel like death; I’ve had cramps since last night that are making me nauseous and I didn’t really sleep last night. The 800 mg of ibuprofen I took might as well have been Tic-Tacs. Assuming I’m awake, coherent, and not huddled in a ball weeping from pain this evening, I’ll be there. Tequila shots will probably be in order.