Yes, children, my hangovers are not like they used to be. At this point, I pretty much know that lots of drinking = hangover = mini panic attacks the next day. Which sucks, because I really haven’t been having panic attacks at all recently (which I’ve hesitated to point out, because I’m super superstitious). So today has been pretty much a lazy, loungy, half-a-klonopin day. And I’m feeling okay about that.

Anyway, though, I’ve been playing around with Paint Shop Pro, among the other twelve half-distracted things I’m doing. I loved the awesome photos sb posted the other day, and I found a little thing in the “learning center” that showed how to do some neat effects, so I’ve been entertaining myself by altering wedding pictures and cat photos. So yes, I stole the idea, since I am too lazy to think of my own cool things to post. But here’s one that I think came out kind of cool, of Walt, the Small Magic Cat:

Hmm…maybe that doesn’t translate well. Oh well. It’s really just for my entertainment.