Oh my god. I canNOT get off my ass and start cleaning! There are so many things to do on the internet!

Seriously, I really am going to stand up in just one minute, but I have to tell you this, because it’s so exciting: Iron Buttercup, aka Dirty Martini, has rediscovered her blog after, like, forever!

I had the pleasure last night of having a few drinks with IB and the mystical and elusive Tequila Fog, who–apparently–I’d never actually met before, though I’ve heard so many stories about her that we felt like old friends. We talked about blogging, and blogfriends, and blogcrushes (and it pains me to not put a link on that last one, but I’ve been considering a blogcrush post soon, so you’ll have to wait for it), and I convinced them, or tried to, that the blogosphere needs their Small Disasters. And it worked!

Go give them some love, willya? They already know all about you.