Y’all, you know what? I think my semester might really be over.

I just finished cleaning my room–surface clean, not deep clean, but it feels good. The stacks of books have been corralled onto the bookshelves (still in stacks, but less in danger of crashing down). The mountains of papers have been thrown away or thrown in drawers, to be filed at some point. The floor has been swept.


That’s how I know the semester is over. Because my floor is clean, and my desk is spacious again, and it feels quiet in here.*

I’m sitting on the bed with the laptop (which I really haven’t done before…we just moved the bed to this new spot, but I haven’t really tried computing from here yet. It’s nice.), cup of coffee next to me, two cats chilling out, in front of the A/C. Tomorrow I will sit down and make A Plan for my work for the summer. But right this minute, I’m going to check the blog feeds (again), fuck around on the internet guiltlessly, and maybe nap with the nearest cat.


*I always wonder–does everyone notice that clean places are much quieter than dirty places, just in general? Like, right now, it’s overwhelmingly quiet in here. Nice.