Jesse’s last comment made me think that I should be celebrating my loyal fanbase friends, more than worrying about random numbers. Really random, since the numbers discount the 985 visitors I had before Sitemeter. So, in the interest of celebrating the loveliness that is my blogfriends, I present to you visitor number 10,007, Jesse! You’re a champion in my book. And so is Weezy–or “Lucky Number 10005, 10006, and 10009,” as I like to call her–for her valiant attempts to make it to the lucky random number. And really, you’re all winners in my book, because how much do you all rock for reading all the silliness I post here? Shopping sprees for everyone! Everything on polyopia is 20% off!

Extra bonus mini-post: You know how every once in a while you encounter a product so perfect for you that you just know it was manufactured especially with you in mind, since no one else could possibly appreciate it as much as you do? Well, I just learned that Ben & Jerry have made a little pint of goodness just for me: Berried Treasure. Blueberry, blackberry, and lemon sorbet, all swirled together. They must really love me.

*I like that she stalks me, so it’s okay.