Nice weekend, overall. Beautiful weather. Good coffee. Lots of chipmunks. Breaking in all the awesome camping gear we got as wedding presents has been a blast–our new double sleeping bag, for instance, is so freaking decadent I can’t even believe it.

There were two campsites of my freaky friends. Me, Jason, GB, the Old Roommate, and an old friend of Jason’s who I’d never met–who is really very cool, but doesn’t have a pseudonym yet–were at one site. The other site–the one on the river–was the Squirrel, the SoapStar, Bad Idea, and StillTalking. Y’all see the tragi-comic potential of that site, don’t you? You remember that Bad Idea and the SoapStar broke up very recently; that the Squirrel and StillTalking broke up about a year ago; that the Squirrel and the SoapStar are now sleeping together? That everyone claims to be fine, but that there’s been no actual discussion between any of them, and the SoapStar–being a SoapStar, both literally and in her daily life–is apparently oblivious to the ramifications of any of her actions? So, yes, tragicomic potential. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so much comic. Not so much tragic, either. Mostly just completely exhausting. The emotional dynamics of that site…well, you know that I love drama, right? My own, other people’s…I’m all about it. But even I ended up wanting more and more to hang out at my calm site with my calm, awesome friends, having a couple beers and talking about Black Sabbath, more than I wanted to be around the drama. And the drama wasn’t mine. Had nothing to do with me. And that was really cool.

Anyway. I took a lot of photos, but not that many are fully bloggable…here are some trees, and some gorgeous light:

And here is one of the ubiquitous chipmunks:

And this one, which I love–GB and I hung hammocks over at the river site, since we were all hanging out there most of Sunday afternoon. We hung them on the side of the hill that slopes down to the river, so we could lie in the trees and watch the river. I fell asleep in one of the hammocks for a while, which was probably my second favorite part of the weekend (my favorite part, I think, was Sunday morning–sitting at our campsite with everyone else off doing whatever, just me & GB drinking coffee and harmonizing on Neil Young songs. Very nice.). Anyway–here’s GB chilling in the hammock by the river:

And here’s a shot from the picnic table–again, at the river site–looking out toward the river, and the back of Bad Idea’s head:
So yeah. Drama, but not mine. Kind of boring. But nicer than I thought it would be. Posted by Picasa