• The prospectus meeting went well. Got lots of good suggestions and some assurance that I am, in fact, on track. My prospectus has now “officially” been approved (see, I thought that was what the last meeting was about, but apparently it’s quite the process…so it’s been approved, again, for the last time), so now it’s all over but the fieldwork, research, and writing. Whoohoo.
  • I took half a dozen donuts to the meeting. I know this is a point of contention with some people, and I’m not actually sure if this is something most people in my department do or not, but I think it helped. People on sugar highs are much easier to please.
  • One of my committee members–FringeSubject Guy from another department–offered me a job working with him on his Super Cool Class next spring. Since I don’t have a grant for next year, the money situation is a little sketchy. Still not sure what I’ll do for Fall, but it’s nice to know that spring is covered already.
  • I’m off to this show in a couple hours with the Squirrel and the Squirrel’s On-And-Off-Ex (who I’ve decided to call StillTalking, just because I’m feeling kind of mean and she’s never gotten a proper pseudonym. I will very likely never call her that again, either, but it works for me). Please don’t attempt to stalk me by visiting that website. Yes, I know you can. You don’t have to prove it.
  • Where the hell is my flask? I don’t think I’ve seen it since we moved into this apartment. How am I supposed to go to a dry show without my flask? This same thing happened a month or so ago, at another show–I went with the Squirrel and StillTalking, didn’t bring a flask, and spent the show kind of bored and far too sober. Not looking forward to a repeat of that. Maybe I should try Weezy’s trick….?
  • Also, while I’m at it, why do I end up so often going to shows with just the Squirrel and StillTalking? It’s weird. It’s like crashing a quasi-date between exes. And I think StillTalking wonders how the three of us always end up at shows together, too. Makes no sense to me. I really need to find the flask.
  • Tomorrow morning we’re off to camp in beautiful Nearby State. I’ve never been to this campground, and I’m psyched. Plus, there are two vehicles going up–StillTalking is driving, and GB and I are taking THE NEW CAR! I love traveling with GB, so I’m looking forward to spending 3 hours in the car with him tomorrow. Not sure if Bad Idea is riding with us or with StillTalking and the Squirrel…but either way, should be a fun weekend. I made an enormous amount of sangria to take with us. Mmmm…sangria in the woods.
  • How I know I’m now a car-owner: I had a dream last night that gas was $9.50 a gallon.
  • Does anyone in the Northeast U.S. have a flask I can borrow, just for tonight?