Okay, I’ve been a little introspective and introverted and intro…ish lately. It’s okay–I feel like I’m just rebooting my brain, and I’m confident that I’ll be back to normal (relatively, of course) probably by the end of the weekend. Mmmmm, camping.

GB and the Old Roommate went camping tonight. I thought I’d go to the Squirrel’s for the usual Thursdayness, but I haven’t heard from him, which I’m thinking is a good thing. I can finish my grading (assuming I get even a little motivated), work on the research job that needs to be done way too soon, and prep for my prospectus meeting tomorrow morning (the first time my whole dissertation committee will meet–and yes, they’re *still* making me talk about my prospectus, though everyone involved–including me–is sick to death of talking about it and wishes I’d just get the dissertation going, already). I can actually get some things done, and maybe stop feeling like I’m in so much quicksand.

So I’m not calling the Squirrel to see what’s up tonight. I’m drinking the last of the wine that IB brought over, and then I might hit the box o’ wine, and grading, and hanging with the cats, and feeling kind of glad that I’ve got some time alone. Should make the reboot go smoother, I think.

More exciting blogging will ensue eventually, I hope.