Updates, already? Sure!

  • I want to do custom bullets on here, and I’m grateful to Purple Kangaroo for posting the how-to, but actually accomplishing this is beyond me right now. I even picked out an awesome little bullet:

Really, how cute is that? But making it work? Not happening for me right now. Jesse rocks. I love my new bullets.

  • I’ve had, to quote Jason’s perfect phrase, fist-making feelings all day. Still true, but at least I’m tired and alone now–so no one to aim them at.
  • I took these feelings out in a somewhat crazy way on the phone with the Wrangler earlier. This involved lots of yelling and me swearing that we are totally not friends anymore, man.
  • This same fist-making encounter with the Wrangler also led to me annoying a dear–and completely innocent, in this whole situation–friend, who will remain nameless, because I’ve already dragged her into enough things today. But sorry about that again. I’ve been an ass today.
  • I picked up the Celexa refill today, but I really can’t see myself starting it back up–even at a lower dose–just so that I can taper off correctly. Physically, it’s already out of my system. Mentally, yes, I know it’ll be awhile. But restarting it? Pretty sure that’s not going to happen.
  • I hope, regardless, to be less of an ass soon.
  • Yoga really, really helps.
  • I’m about to watch the season finale of Lost, even though I haven’t seen an episode since about halfway through the first season. We’ll see how that goes. Changed my mind, and watched endless episodes of SVU instead.
  • I was told today that the final grades on the papers I picked up *this morning* needed to be turned in to the registrar on Monday. Last Monday. Two days ago. Guess what I’m doing tonight? Haven’t graded a single one. Planning on getting up and doing them tomorrow morning/afternoon.
  • To help tonight’s grading along, I’m drinking boxed wine. We’ll see how that goes, too. Haven’t actually touched the wine, yet. Having weird stomach issues that you don’t want to hear about.
  • To all the blogfriends I’ve been neglecting: I’m reading your funny, touching, interesting posts, but I have very little commenting energy right now. Bear with me. I still love you. With varying degrees of platonic love, of course.
  • I seem to want to do nothing but eat today. I’m fighting this, but not very well.
  • Camping. This weekend. Thank the gods. I can’t wait.

Is it too late to go to bed early?