I really do know that it’s not the greatest idea to quit taking an SSRI cold turkey. Really. I have that information easily accessible in my brain.

So day 6 (or is it 5? Not quite sure…) without the Celexa has been kind of a pain in the ass so far. But it’s not like I didn’t know what to expect.

I did plan on going off it now…but then I ran out, and called in a refill but found myself far too lazy over the past 5 days to pick it up. And that’s how, even when you totally know better, you end up doing the SSRI-cold-turkey thing. It really hasn’t been that bad up to this point–relatively, compared to experiences I’ve heard other people have. I’ve been on a really low dosage (20mg). (I’ve also been on it for four years, though, which seems excessive, even to me.)

So. Up until today, not so bad. Two dreams in the past four days where I’m just crying and crying, and for really good reasons–and those sucked. A lot. But today was the first day I kind of lost it…picked a pointless and kind of mean fight with GB, spent the afternoon sniffling and blowing my nose and worrying. Finally remembered that this might be something a little smidgen of Klonopin might help with. It does, I think. Now I’m just tired and contrite and realizing I wasted the entire business hours part of this day, which just makes tomorrow’s List Of Crap that much longer. But I’m practicing patience with myself here….and I think I might take a tiny nap with the cats.

I’m fine. Really. But if I seem just a little emotional or testy around here, bear with me for the next couple of days.