Seriously. I’m at that point again–I’m pretty sure that everything that’s going on right now is stuff I’ve already blogged endlessly about, and I’m not making much any progress on the work I should be doing. I’m feeling pretty good, overall, but can’t say as I have anything interesting to report.

Off to the Squirrel’s tonight for the usual Thursdayness. Probably not much exciting will come from this, but it should be, as always, entertaining. Tomorrow is the ever-lovely Iron Buttercup’s (aka Dirty Martini‘s) belated birthday party over here. If the weather holds out, it’s a barbecue. If not, it’s a party. Maybe some stories from that? (Hopefully none of the stories will end with “and then we rushed everyone to the hospital because of the overexposure to toxic mold.” Yes, again. The landlords did come and pump out the flooded basement, but that’s about it…the floor is still wet and the mold smell is already a bit overwhelming. I’m thinking bumper pool may not be the best idea…unless we get a good deal on gas masks in bulk.)

If I come up with anything fascinating, you’ll be the first to know.