I spent hours and hours and hours doing absolutely nothing today.

Not in a relaxing, lazy Sunday way. More like a stressed out, what the hell is wrong with me kind of way.

The day started off very nicely; GB and I took THE NEW CAR! to Iron Buttercup’s for brunch, and spent a few hours hanging out with her and The Awesome Kid, who–at not-quite-two–is the master of funny voices and teasing Aunt Luckybuzz, and has an absurdly well-developed sense of humor.

Then GB and I came home, and the hours and hours of doing nothing commenced.

I thought about what I could be doing. I read a bunch of websites about time management and avoiding procrastination. (Yes, I know. Leave it alone.) I thought about making lists of things I need to do. GB and I watched the Sopranos, and Big Love (which GB has been watching; this was the first time I’ve seen it, and I am considerably less than won over. I kind of hated it.), and then GB watched House of Flying Daggers while I window shopped online and IMed with Iron Buttercup. The IMing was entertaining, and the movie looked gorgeous, though I obviously couldn’t shop, chat, *and* read subtitles at the same time. Then we watched Jeff Corwin* try (unsuccessfully–if you watch this episode, you should know it doesn’t end happily) to save a baby bare-faced tamarin**. And then, suddenly, it was 3 am.

Dude. I suck.

Okay. Tomorrow I’m back, trying to figure out how to start working again. I mean it. Kick my ass if I don’t.

*Jeff Corwin was actually the inspiration for our Gay Or Canadian? game years ago. I love me some Jeff Corwin.
**These are ugly little fuckers. The baby was pretty adorable, and maybe even Cute Overload worthy. But the adults? Hideous. Like crosses between a Pekingese and a gremlin. Very unfortunate.