Okay. It took a while, but I’ve finally managed to get some bloggable wedding photos. (Sort of. Actually, you can be the judge of that.) But I figured I should get them up here before any more time passes and it sounds like I’m just going on and on and on about the wedding, and enough, already. It’s been a week, so I think this is the last day I can reasonably post about it.

So. This first one is during the ceremony, and I like the kind of ghosty effect here. We’re standing in the middle of the circle (I’m on the left with my back to you. GB is on the right, and Rev. Skycat is that little bit between us. Just in case there was any confusion). Without divulging anyone’s identities, I think I can tell you that crse and the Yogini* are also in this photo, as well as two other awesome and amazing friends who don’t visit me here.

And then this, I think, is the end of the ceremony–probably. It’s hard to say, because we managed to work a lot of kissing into the entire ceremony, so it could be midway through. But I’m pretty sure this is the part where Reverend Skycat decrees us “husband and wife, for real.”

*Y’all know that the Yogini made my top, right? If you’re interested in the most amazingly gorgeous knitwear you’ve ever seen, email me and I’ll I might, pending the Yogini’s consent, direct you to her website. Maintaining anonymity is not so easy always.