But for now, I just keep drinking, dancing, and being generally way too happy.

And then I read some blogs, and look at all these people who are actually *working*, and writing, and getting dissertations completed and getting jobs and getting tenure, and I’m all, fuck, what is my *problem*?

Well, okay, I’ve been distracted. But it might be time to almost start working and get un-distracted again. Because hanging out at the Squirrel’s on Thursday nights, drinking, dancing a little, listening to fabulous music and talking about how getting any surviving member of the Band to drop by is pretty much the ultimate Thursday night goal…yeah, all that stuff is really fun. But I think it may be getting close to time to work, just a little, again. Especially because I think the SoapStar–who you’ll all remember as Bad Idea’s sort-of-not-exactly-Ex–has been purposefully hitting on me, tonight, and that’s just weirder than even I can do.

OK. I’m ready to work again. Starting tomorrow. Seriously. You can hold me to that.