I just reminded myself about the Law & Order drinking game, for the second time today. Earlier today GB and I were talking about House–or I was talking, and GB was pretending to politely listen while also watching baseball and playing a video game–and about how it’s gotten so formulaic. I said it would make a great drinking game; I was thinking about the Law & Order drinking games that I used to play with our old roommate, the Serene Marine, about six years ago (so the ones I’ve linked to are from that era…with the older cast. My favorite one: drink if Logan’s hair arrests the entire female audience). GB said that he’d be surprised if someone hadn’t already made it into one.

He was right, of course. I just did a quick search and came up with a couple. There’s a short, and not very enthusiastic, one here, and an entire thread devoted to the topic over at TWOP. Some of those are pretty good (“Take two when they disprove the vasculitis diagnosis”), though I’m sure we could do better…yes, now I’m asking for a partner in procrastination. I’m dragging you all down with me, dammit.