…but worth sharing. The weekend, as I said, was absolutely freakin’ awesome, full of booze and food and friends and family and music and way too much fun. Some people left Saturday evening, and about half the people who’d been there stayed and camped. Sunday morning, GB and I woke up in our new tent (aka the “honeymoon suite,” a gift from my mom), had coffee and sat around in the sun with the people who were still around. Gradually people started to pack up and head home; GB and I had the campsite for Sunday night too (though we thought we might go home in the evening) so we were in no hurry to leave. After everyone else was gone, GB climbed a little hill next to the main campsite and hung two hammocks in the trees. We laid in the hammocks for about an hour, not really talking, just dozing and listening to the birds and loving that the weather forecasts were wrong, that there was no rain all weekend, and the sun was warm and the breeze was cool and the campground was quiet. GB said, This is all I need to do for our honeymoon, and I had to agree.
Plus? See that car in the bottom right corner? That’s *our* brand new car. First new car ever, and we totally can’t afford the payments, but my dad spent four hours haggling the dealership manager down about $4000 (plus a free oil change!), and my mom cosigned the loan, and now I have the prettiest car (“indigo ink”–how awesome is that color? And like buttah, it runs, it’s so smooth!) to go do my fieldwork in.

I feel completely spoiled. And enormously grateful. And my life rocks.

And the boys are on their way over to help us try to get through the amazing amount of food and booze we have left from the weekend. Anybody who wants to stop on by, we have plenty of cheap beer and cake… Posted by Picasa