May 2006

Did I tell you that we’re moving at the end of July? We’ve been in this apartment for two years as of August 1st–which is a long time for us, actually*–and, while it’s been a fabulous place, we need someplace cheaper, since the roommate thing is clearly not working out for us.

Anyway–if you’re apartment–or house!–hunting near a major city, or if you think you ever might, you should totally check out It combines Google Maps with Craigslist to give you an awesome, quick, easy way to search apartments by location. You can filter the results by price, pets accepted…super cool. I saw this today on Lifehacker’s “apartment hunting 101,” and I have to say, I don’t think I’ll apartment hunt without it again.

Remember when you had to circle ads in the newspaper? What suckers we were then.

*The longest GB and I have ever lived in the same apartment–and the longest I’ve ever lived in the same place since I was 17–was three years, in the crappiest apartment ever. It’s really not that we love moving, but there’s always a reason to move on. GB and I have lived in seven apartments in the 10 years we’ve been together–this next move will be apartment number eight. This is…let’s see…my 15th apartment in the past 17 years. Does anyone want to sell me a house, cheap?


Jesse’s last comment made me think that I should be celebrating my loyal fanbase friends, more than worrying about random numbers. Really random, since the numbers discount the 985 visitors I had before Sitemeter. So, in the interest of celebrating the loveliness that is my blogfriends, I present to you visitor number 10,007, Jesse! You’re a champion in my book. And so is Weezy–or “Lucky Number 10005, 10006, and 10009,” as I like to call her–for her valiant attempts to make it to the lucky random number. And really, you’re all winners in my book, because how much do you all rock for reading all the silliness I post here? Shopping sprees for everyone! Everything on polyopia is 20% off!

Extra bonus mini-post: You know how every once in a while you encounter a product so perfect for you that you just know it was manufactured especially with you in mind, since no one else could possibly appreciate it as much as you do? Well, I just learned that Ben & Jerry have made a little pint of goodness just for me: Berried Treasure. Blueberry, blackberry, and lemon sorbet, all swirled together. They must really love me.

*I like that she stalks me, so it’s okay.

You’re all winners in my book. I’m humbled and honored that this blog has been visited 10,000 times…even if it’s not always clear what kind of service I’m providing here.

Who wants to be number 20,000?

*I’m assuming–based, mostly, on the visit length of 0 seconds and the search word “hitchin”–that I don’t know visitor #10,000. If you are, in fact, a blogfriends and not a random searcher, let me know! I’ll give you the props you deserve.

Shhhh….I’m afraid to speak too soon (since there’s some debate over one of the grades a student of mine ended up with), but…..

…I think I might have just finished grading. Everything. Which would mean….

…that I am officially done with teaching duties for the 2005-6 academic year.

So all I have to do now is go to one last colloquium tonight, and finish this gigantic stupid job (about four more hours of online research, I think, to make it a mediocre job…but it’s really very random and irrelevant to everything I do), and do a few more RA jobs–which will be horribly annoying–over the next 48 hours. And then…

…I think I’ll be done with the Semester That Would Not Die.

So. Fucking. Close.

I have Overread to thank for this one. Why am I not asleep yet? Maybe because I need to do a meme and finish my sangria?

10 Favorites
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Color: usually some kind of blue. Cobalt, let’s say.
Favorite Time: super late or super early.
Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite Drink: I have to pick one? It’s probably some kind of booze.
Favorite Ice Cream: Um…I like Phish Food.
Favorite Place: Sonoma County
Favorite Sport: whatever people are watching near me, if there are drinks to be had.
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress: um….don’t really have one. I like Kate Winslet, I think.

9 Currents
Current Feeling: tired
Current Drink: sangria. I made a huge batch before I left for camping, and it wasn’t very good…but it’s gotten *much* better over the past four days, and now it kind of rocks.
Current Time: 2:48 am
Current Show on TV: M*A*S*H
Current Mobile used: Sprint, Sanyo 8300–in red!
Current Windows: this meme; a tab with my email; adobe reader with some work in it that I’ll do tomorrow; a document I have to do a bunch of RA stuff on tomorrow; a spreadsheet involving the work I’ll do tomorrow; and Easy To-Do.
Current Underwear: Uh–blue stripes. Kind of granny pants, but they’re comfy.
Current Clothes: blue Fresno T-shirt, black shorts
Current Thought: why is the laugh track on MASH so loud?

8 Firsts
First Nickname: some variation on my real name. I wanted a nickname for the longest time when I was a kid, and never really had one until I was, like, 19.
First Kiss: the guy who ended up being my first husband, I think. Yes, I was really young when we met. Let’s move on.
First Crush: Scott, in first grade–I used to chase him around the playground. Poor kid.
First Best Friend: Krista
First Vehicle I Drove: my brother’s car…he tried to teach me to drive stick in a parking lot. Didn’t work out so well.
First Job: circulation desk at my college library. Or dishing out fries at a county fair when I was 15, if a two day job counts.
First Date: my roommate E., when I was 20. We both dressed up in black dresses and combat boots and went to the symphony, and then to Bob Evans, after we realized that neither of us had ever been on a “date”. I might have even gotten lucky. Hubba hubba.
First Pet: Muffin the cat–who, as it turns out, did NOT go to live on a farm.

7 Lasts
Last Drink: still the sangria.
Last Kiss: I just kissed GB good night…that still counts, right?
Last Meal: pesto pasta for dinner
Last Web Site Visited: xanadu tools, to find the URL for Easy To-Do
Last Movie Watched: GB just watched Closer in the room with me, because it was on. It sucked. A lot.
Last Phone Call: my mom
Last TV show Watched: I’m watching Family Guy right now, but I’ve seen this episode a million times.

6 Have You Ever…
Have You Ever Broken the Law: undoubtedly.
Have You Ever Been Drunk: getting there right now, I hope.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: yeah. I tend to start games of Spin the Bottle at parties.
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire: the neighborhood I lived in during college was subject to random drive-by shootings and frequent gunfire…we’d just slide from the couch to the floor and try to pretend we weren’t all freaked out.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yep.
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: I think so, but that makes me unhappy.

5 Things
Things You Can Hear Right Now: Family Guy on the TV and the fan in this room
Things On Your Bed: three pillows, awesome sheets, and a bunch of cats
Things You Ate Today: half a bagel and cream cheese, some pesto pasta, green beans, and Morningstar Farms Chik’n Strips (which didn’t suck as much as I thought they might. I love Morningstar stuff).
Things You Can’t Live Without: yeah, Overread’s “oxygen” does seem to be the right answer. And music. And cats.
Things You Do When You Are Bored: fuck around online, read blogs, reread blogs, go for long, rambling walks

4 Places You Have Been Today
Lovely Nearby State
campground in Lovely Nearby State
THE NEW CAR! for a couple hours
the basement, doing laundry

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
piles of crap
papers to grade
a cat

2 Choices
Should I finish all the work I have to do tomorrow or push it until the last possible day (Wednesday)?
Go to bed now or stay up pointlessly even later?

1 Place You Want To Visit
California. So. Fucking. Homesick. lately, I can’t even believe it.

Nice weekend, overall. Beautiful weather. Good coffee. Lots of chipmunks. Breaking in all the awesome camping gear we got as wedding presents has been a blast–our new double sleeping bag, for instance, is so freaking decadent I can’t even believe it.

There were two campsites of my freaky friends. Me, Jason, GB, the Old Roommate, and an old friend of Jason’s who I’d never met–who is really very cool, but doesn’t have a pseudonym yet–were at one site. The other site–the one on the river–was the Squirrel, the SoapStar, Bad Idea, and StillTalking. Y’all see the tragi-comic potential of that site, don’t you? You remember that Bad Idea and the SoapStar broke up very recently; that the Squirrel and StillTalking broke up about a year ago; that the Squirrel and the SoapStar are now sleeping together? That everyone claims to be fine, but that there’s been no actual discussion between any of them, and the SoapStar–being a SoapStar, both literally and in her daily life–is apparently oblivious to the ramifications of any of her actions? So, yes, tragicomic potential. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so much comic. Not so much tragic, either. Mostly just completely exhausting. The emotional dynamics of that site…well, you know that I love drama, right? My own, other people’s…I’m all about it. But even I ended up wanting more and more to hang out at my calm site with my calm, awesome friends, having a couple beers and talking about Black Sabbath, more than I wanted to be around the drama. And the drama wasn’t mine. Had nothing to do with me. And that was really cool.

Anyway. I took a lot of photos, but not that many are fully bloggable…here are some trees, and some gorgeous light:

And here is one of the ubiquitous chipmunks:

And this one, which I love–GB and I hung hammocks over at the river site, since we were all hanging out there most of Sunday afternoon. We hung them on the side of the hill that slopes down to the river, so we could lie in the trees and watch the river. I fell asleep in one of the hammocks for a while, which was probably my second favorite part of the weekend (my favorite part, I think, was Sunday morning–sitting at our campsite with everyone else off doing whatever, just me & GB drinking coffee and harmonizing on Neil Young songs. Very nice.). Anyway–here’s GB chilling in the hammock by the river:

And here’s a shot from the picnic table–again, at the river site–looking out toward the river, and the back of Bad Idea’s head:
So yeah. Drama, but not mine. Kind of boring. But nicer than I thought it would be. Posted by Picasa

But Weezy is number 9900.

I went back and reset my starting count on Sitemeter to 0–yes, I’m ignoring the 985 visits I had from July to September of last year, but it was throwing off the detailed view of my stats. And now I can properly celebrate number 10,000….which should be tomorrow, maybe?

Did I mention that the enormous, exhausting camping drama this weekend had nothing to do with me? How weird is that? (Yes, I’ll tell you more later, I’m sure…just tired and spacy right now, and trying to finish this fucking grading. Grrrr. The Horrible Tutorial continues to annoy me.)

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