So….the bachelor/ette barbecue was a success, as expected. Jason throws a great barbecue, most of the usual suspects showed up (IB, we missed you!), and I drank for just about 11 hours.

I think I’m off the booze until wedding-weekend.

Gender-ambiguous highlight of the evening: back at the Squirrel’s for phase two of the party. The Squirrel’s On-and-Off-Ex leaves early, as usual, and then the SoapStar and her friend leave to go dancing. The Squirrel returns from walking them out, and enters the room where Jason, Bad Idea, GothMusicGuy, and I are the only ones left.

The Squirrel: “Well, all the chicks are gone.”
Me: “Um, hi?”
The Squirrel: “OH MY GOD.”

(Furious, painful Squirrel-blushing and stammering ensue. If you’ve never made the Squirrel blush, you should try it sometime. It’s something to see.)

And in other news….the Roommate is packing his things as I write this. I’ll update later with the (hopefully good) news.

And yes, blogfriends who I love for asking, I’ll post wedding ensemble pictures!