Clare didn’t tag me, but I need to keep my brain occupied or I’ll go back to bed, so I’m doing this meme.

I am hungover, again.
I want a nap.
I wish I didn’t have papers to grade.
I hate that the semester is Not. Over. Yet.
I love my friends, especially lately.
I miss my waistline.
I fear way too many things.
I hear my stomach growling, and one bird.
I wonder if I will ever regain motivation–to work, to clean, to engage in a bit of personal hygiene.
I regret not learning to schmooze earlier in life.
I am not a drunk. I just play one on the internet. (Thanks to the lovely Ms. Q for that phrase)
I dance not nearly often enough anymore.
I sing loudly and enthusiastically.
I cry at documentaries about symbiotic inter-species relationships.
I am not always stressed. It just seems that way.
I make with my hands happy, well-petted cats.
I write a lot on the blog; not so much of work-related things.
I confuse the Four Tops and the Temptations, far too often.
I need to get to work, already.
I should not take a nap. But I know I will.
I start drama.
I finish first.
I tag anyone who’s bored this afternoon. Procrastinate away!