(No, not that one. I mean this one.)

Clare said maybe we should. I’m game.

With glasses, smiling a little but trying to keep my eyes from completely closing, like they do when I smile really hard:
Without glasses, which looks kind of weird to me now that I’ve been wearing them for years, but makes me think that maybe I should go back to contacts someday:

Since I’m going out with IB tonight*, I think this will stay up until tomorrow, when Clare will also be posting an eye shot. And you should, too. Actually, maybe I’ll post a drunk eye shot later, just for kicks. Maybe one of IB and me both. Mmmmm, martini eyes.

I love procrastinating. I love not working on grant applications. I love that my friends are starting to get into the pre-hitching festivities with me.

*it’s my “bachelorette party”–though it’s actually just me and IB going to the bar. Then again, GB’s “bachelor party”–also tonight–is just him and Jason going to a baseball game, and I think we’ll have more fun. Did I mention that tomorrow is the joint yay-you’re-almost-married barbecue at Jason’s? My dreams of staying drunk until the wedding are coming true!