Blogfriends, there’s something I’ve been curious about. Do you have visual images in your head of bloggers you’ve never met?

Non-anonymous blogfriends sometimes post pictures, and I love that I know what they look like. And I love when anonymous bloggers post cropped, or disguised, or limited-time-only photos, because I feel like I get a glimpse into the real, physical person behind the blog, and it’s easier to imagine them. But then I realize that I have some blogfriends that I don’t have mental images for at all–or I have vague ones that have absolutely no basis in reality, but are based more on tone, or content, or the color of the template. I almost want to tell you about some of these ideas I have of different anonymous bloggers…but then it would be too clear that I’m procrastinating on preparing for the Horrible Tutorial.

So I’m just curious…how vividly do you imagine bloggers you’ve never seen?