I thought for a minute I was going to have to start, you know, working, since I have done exactly nothing work-related this weekend. But BrightStar posted a meme, so I can safely keep doing nothing. Hooray!

Accent: Random pieces of Californian mixed in with stray bits of New England, but nothing too obvious. I pick up accents and inflections way too easily. I had a Canadian accent until I was about 16…though I’m not even vaguely Canadian. Never did figure that out.

Booze: Lots and lots of tequila, these past few days. Oy. It really does pay to get the better stuff.

Chore I Hate: God…most of them. I’m really freakin’ lazy.

Dog or Cat: Well, cats, obviously, since we’re overrun with them here. But if our next apartment is dog-friendly, I think we’ll finally get the dog we’ve been wanting.

Essential Electronics: Laptop and cell phone.

Favorite Cologne(s): Nah, I don’t like the fake smells–I’m all about people’s regular smells. But I do like some of the Demeter scents–like grass, and martini. But I like people who smell like those things naturally better. šŸ™‚

Gold or Silver: Silver, totally. GB got a yellow gold wedding ring, and I got a white gold one, but it’s pretty much like silver.

Hometown: I count two: San Francisco (my later, adult-hometown) and a town that’s small and distinctive enough that I think it’d compromise my anonymity to tell you. But I’m proud of being from there.

Insomnia: No way. My problem is staying awake.

Job Title: Grad student, Teaching Flunky

Kids: Nope. I like other people’s, but never really wanted any. GB and I have been talking lately about maybe adopting someday…but we’ve been talking about getting a dog for years too, and that might be more of a commitment than we’re ready for.

Living arrangements: Me, GB, and the four cats rent this place. And the Roommate lives here too, but we’re counting the days until that’s over.

Most admirable trait: Um…this question makes me uncomfortable. Or is it the trait I find most admirable? Hmm.

Number of sexual partners: Ever? At one time? Right now? I’m not really sure about any of those answers.

Overnight hospital stays: 2 for ear operations (tubes put in) when I was about 6. Tonsils removed when I was 12…and then another overnight stay when it turned out that surgeon fucked up and I almost bled to death. Nothing since, thank goodness.

Phobias: Oh, we so don’t have time for me to answer this question.

Quote: Um…this is quite the highschool yearbook question. I’m losing meme-patience.

Religion: militantly agnostic

Siblings: One older sister, one older brother, one younger sister. We’re all 5 years apart. Weird, right?

Time I wake up: Depends on all sorts of things.

Unusual talent or skill: Um…drinking excessively? Creating excessive amounts of drama?

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I’m not crazy about squashes, but I think I’ll eat almost any veggie.

Worst habit: Worrying. Biting my nails. Biting my cuticles until they bleed. Slacking on personal hygiene. Should I continue?

X-rays: Teeth, lots of spine x-rays when I was 10 (I had scoliosis and wore a back brace for a year), the sprained ankle last year…

Yummy foods I make: Oh…I’m really good at ordering delivery.

Zodiac sign: Virgo Pig.