I have work to do. I have to…well, I have lots of work to do, but nothing immediately, horribly pressing.

Should I go meet the Wrangler at the bar for a drink?

I’m going out for a drink tomorrow night with IB, which–as always–I’m eagerly looking forward to. And I feel weird going out two schoolnights in a row (how my life has changed…). But I’m feeling restless. And Aunt B’s fantasizing about hot summer nights and cool drunk boys got me all distracted and swoony. And if I go to the bar, I can have a beer with the Wrangler, and probably with Bad Idea, and get a happy little buzz and think about doing things I know I shouldn’t.

Sounds fun.

I have a meeting tomorrow, but not until 10…and I should type up fieldnotes…and I should consider doing my applications for summer grant money.

But I can do those things tomorrow, right?

Yeah. All right. I’ll go have two drinks. Thanks, blog-buddies. You give good advice.