…of the crappy bad news that was in my email when I got back tonight:

  • Apparently I *do* have to have a prospectus defense, which my department is finally getting around to scheduling. Thought I’d dodged that bullet.
  • And they want the money back. Yep, just like we thought.
  • And the small new job I accepted, which will almost certainly take more time than I can spare (but see the bullet above…I really need it) apparently needs to start, like, yesterday. I just got back and I’m already behind.
  • And, last but certainly not the least horrifying: an email suggesting that my advisor might be leaving before my dissertation is done.

And the fieldwork went okay. Not great. Not good. But okay. Though the city I was in experienced record-breaking temperatures yesterday (95 degrees. In April. The temperature when I landed back home tonight? 50 degrees colder. But you know I’m good with the cold…damn, that heat was awful though). And I forgot about “sunscreen,” and my shoulders are tomato red and quite painful and were not happy to carry my backpack all day. Oh, and in 12 hours I have to be leading a section on a book I can’t remember reading.

I really need to stop leaving home.