I’m going to be away for a few days. Five days, to be exact.

I’m off for a long weekend of fieldwork in WayTooHotState, and I’ve been debating all day whether or not I should bring the laptop. I really, really want to bring it, but I won’t have internet access from Thursday night until Monday morning. Plus, I’ll be in a place where it’ll be almost impossible to keep the laptop from being damaged/stolen/”misplaced”, and I won’t have easy access to electricity. So bringing it makes very little sense.

Not bringing it, of course, stresses me out. What if I fill up my digital recorder and have nowhere to upload the files? Same with the camera. But if I *do* bring it, my ability to interact with the, ahem, “natives,” as it were, will be severely hampered by my needing to make sure no one walks off with it.*

Yes. Okay. Bringing it is stupid. So my blogging will be limited to audioblogging and phone-camera-blogging, at least until the phone dies.

I’ll send what news I can.

I’m almost positive that Evans-Pritchard never faced these kinds of dilemmas.

*Since the “natives” in question here tend to make more money than I do, and tend to work in the computer industries, should I be more or less concerned about someone lifting the laptop?