(This is mostly for my fellow Six Feet Under fans…the punchline of this post won’t make any sense if you haven’t seen Season 5. Sorry.)

So, GB and I just finished watching the last two episodes of Six Feet Under. I’m pretty sure that–with the possible exception of the first time I saw Harold & Maude–I’ve never cried as much during anything on the television as I did, last night and today, during the last four episodes of SFU.

Seriously. I’ve been bawling for hours now. I mean, it’s a great show, but man. I’m feeling a little emotional, I guess.

But that finale! {sniff} How amazing was that?

So anyway. I thought I’d go check out cafepress and see what sorts of SFU shirts they have.

First, they have this one:

Then there’s this one…very nice, on the black shirt:

And finally, the one that made me laugh out loud:

So…does that make me a little evil? Or just in possession of really bad taste?