1. Remember when I finally had to accept the sad fact that my shade of hair dye was no more? Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth? (Maybe I seemed more reserved than I felt.) Well, I poked around (of course I did) and managed to find one last online “store” that was carrying my shade. Have I ever heard of this retailer? Nope. Am I almost sure that someone in Malaysia is currently buying Cheetos with my credit card? Yep. But you know what? Four boxes of my discontinued, beloved Clairol 2RR arrived in the mail today, a mere 48 hours after I placed my order. Hooray!
  2. Also hooray for my new phone arriving today. So fast! And so red! There is much joy.
  3. Remember that lecture I was all anxious about this morning? And how y’all were so supportive, and I finally said to myself, it’s a friendly, small class, how bad could it be? Well, apparently no one found it necessary to tell me that today was….

….wait for it…..
Open House at the school.
I didn’t even know they *had* a freakin’ open house.
So I got to give the lecture to about twice as many people as I’d planned. And I wish I could tell you what I lectured on, because you’d realize how hilarious it is that *today* is the day we had a room full of visitors. Let’s just say that I lectured on my fringe, freakish topic, which absolutely none of the visitors were prepared for.

It went okay, in that I lived through it. Thanks to everyone who believed I would. And now I’m going to charge my new phone, take a nap, and then dye my hair. Wheee!